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One of the fastest growing areas in the world right now is in the Muslim world, especially in the Middle East and North Africa.  More people have found Christ in the past generation than in the 1400 previous years.  The fields are ripe for the harvest, but where are the workers going to come from?  It is extremely difficult for Westerners to learn the language and culture, and be accepted in the society.  


Pioneers Egypt (aka Go Ministry) is mobilizing local Arab workers to serve along with Pioneers teams throughout the region.  They have many advantages over people from the West and are having great success in reaching out to their Muslim compatriots.  Your support to Pioneers Egypt will go directly to financially support our mobilized workers as they share the Gospel with others.  Many of them work as tentmakers, supplementing their donations with their own labor, while others need to be fully supported, at least initially.  It can cost as little as $200/month to support one of them.  We have great potential to send many more workers into the field.  Please join us in sending them out. 

Arabic speaking workers annual goal:  $350,000

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