Encountering the World of Islam


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Product Description

Discover God’s Heart for Muslims: Investigate Islam through this positive and hopeful 640-page book. 

Encountering the World of Islam explores the Muslim world and God's plan for Muslims. Read from a collection of writings about the life of Muhammad, the history of Islamic civilization, Islamic beliefs, Muslims today, and the everyday lives of Muslims from Morocco to Indonesia. Gain insight from 80 different practitioners into diverse Muslim cultures and worldviews as well as Christian outreach toward Muslims, our response to Islam, and prayer for the Muslim world. 

This book is used as the textbook for the Encountering the World of Islam course. Revised, updated, and expanded for 2014. 640 pages. Fifty-seven new articles, highlights, maps, and tables. Fully indexed and cross-referenced. Over 100 additional pages of free online articles at the companion website,


Reading Assignments: Each lesson includes an average of 35 pages of reading, plus additional articles online (available after free registration for access). 

 Highlights: Brief readings focusing on specific topics of interest to the reader are found throughout the book. 

Concepts: Important biblical or cultural concepts the student should know.  

Outreach: Appropriate ways for reaching out to Muslims.

People Groups: Overviews of the major ethnic Muslim affinity blocks, illustrated with descriptions of characteristic people groups from each block.  

Pray Now: Guides to praying for Muslims within each lesson. 

Quotes: Quotations from "the experts" illustrating important lesson points. 

Qur’an: Important verses and concepts from the Qur’an. 

 Stories: Narrative accounts from the lives of Muslims and Muslim-background believers.  

Women: Specific issues that affect the lives of Muslim women. 

Ponder This: Introductory questions help set the mental stage for entering each lesson.  

Explore: Recommendations for deeper exploration of lesson topics. 

Discussion Questions: Application questions to use in class activities, provide ideas for forum postings, or simply serve as points for individual reflection.  

Learn More: Additional activities which may be assigned by your professor or completed just for fun, including reading, watching, praying, visiting, eating, listening, meeting, shopping, and browsing the internet.  

Glossary: Unfamiliar terms or concepts are cross-referenced and included in the 40-page glossary.

Pronunciation Guide: Help with pronouncing non-English words found throughout the text.  

Common Word List: Key words that occur frequently throughout the book. 

Illustrations: 110 illustrations, maps, and tables. 

Index: Comprehensive and extensively cross-referenced topical index, as well as separate Bible and Qur'an indices.  

Bibliography: Complete, scholarly collection of the authors, readings, and highlights that appear in the book.  

Resources for teaching: Example lectures and PowerPoint presentations for the materials in Encountering the World of Islam are available in the Instructor Resources area of the companion website: encounteringislam.org


God's Heart for the Nations 
God's Heart for the Nations
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Effective Discipling in Muslim Communities
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Mondays in the Middle East
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The Qur'an and the Bible